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Who We Are

Seaside Electric has been in business since the 1980s. Now under new ownership, our business continues providing Ventura County homes and business owners with superior electrical service and repairs.

In the changing times, we are excited about the growing number of people choosing the climate friendly option of Electric Vehicles. That’s why we also offer EV installation services so that our customers can charge their cars at home. 

We are committed to serving Ventura County well with excellent customer service, quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions.

Meet The Owner


Tyler Kimball

I worked in real estate offices and as a property manager for years and began noticing I was always looking for any opportunity to get out of the office and into the properties we were selling or managing. I would jump at any opportunity to reset a tripped breaker or re-light a pilot light, after a while I realized I needed a change. Out of all the trades I could have learned, I was most intrigued by electrical. I started out as a brand new apprentice and loved learning every day. With my combination of skills I quickly found myself running the company's office in the morning and out on electrical installs in the afternoon. I started working at Seaside Electric in 2018 when I moved back to Southern California after years away and soon after was presented with the opportunity to take over for the founder and original owner. With the support of my wife and son I'm excited to serve Ventura County.

Our Values

Excellent Customer Service

Quality Craftsmanship

Innovative solutions

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